owlThe Knowledge

Should I be scared of the challenge?

Absolutely yes

Can I really start from anywhere I like?

Yes you choose. As long as the route is legal. You can’t roam private land. We suggest you be sensible, and stay home.

The further away you start, the higher you will rank. You don’t know where anyone else is starting, so your paranoia may tempt you to start further away than you should.  If you don’t make the finish line, you don’t rank.

It’s one great big gamble.

Can I start later? What about rest, or even sleep?

Yes, you can do any of those things. You need to time your arrival at the finish line between 8am and 12pm.

What do I need to carry?

We will provide a recommended kit list, but the decision is yours. You will be given a Race Drone GPS tracking device to carry.  The trackers are the kind used for  D of E Tracking as well as Scout GPS Tracking, and general GPS Events Tracking.

I am scared of the dark, can I bring a little friend?

You can bring your teddy bear or you can enter as a pair. You can hold hands as you venture through the dark woods.

Will the course the marked?

Ha ha ha ha ha,  good one. What, seriously? No, you set the course!

Can I use GPS?


Will there be hot towels and cheesecake at the checkpoints?

There aren’t any checkpoints

But how will I feed myself?

That’s up to you. Use a pub, shop, drink from a stream, or ask your mum to bring you a banana sandwich if you wish

So, I can have a support crew then?


If I feel like giving up early, what happens?

Turn off your tracker, and notify The Crow you are retiring. We’ll log the distance you traveled for fun, but you don’t win a medal if you decide to bail before the finish line.

How are the awards graded?

You must reach the finish line to get a medal.

Miles are all “as the crow flies” distance from the central point, when the time runs out, or you quit. That is not the same as miles travelled. See the Map on the “Register” Page

What happens if I forget my jelly babies, or sit in whimpering heap in the woods. Will you fetch me?

No. You’ll be a feast for crows

What happens if I really get into trouble?

The Race Drone tracker has an SOS button. Activate it, and we will contact your emergency contact who should make a decision on what to do.

When will I get my reward

On the finish line

I have more questions?

You’d better ask them here then.