In this event, you will gamble on your own fitness.

You know where the finish line is, and how long you have to reach it, but you are not following a fixed course; you  “make” your own course. 

You tell no one else where you intend to start from. That way you are blind-betting against everyone as to from how far away you will start, and thus, how high you will eventually rank. Those who travel the furthest, rank highest.

However, if you don’t reach the finish line in time,  you don’t get a medal, so gamble wisely….

The premise is simple.  You can start from anywhere you want, at midday. You then have up to 24 hours to ‘converge’ on the central finish line in order to claim your award. You can arrive before if you wish

You make your own route. You can start any distance from the finish line, but the further away you start, the better your award (should you make it to the finish). All distances are measured “as the crow flies” from the finish.

For all those challenging for places, this is where it gets even more interesting.  The people who rank highest are those who travel from the furthest away. You are under no obligation to tell anyone where you are starting, so you are all blind-betting against each other! You won’t know where anyone starts from until the GPS tracking link goes live at midday.  Even then, will those who started far away make the finish line on time?

Of course if you start 100 miles away and miss the finish line cut-off, then you don’t get a medal. Oh, the cruelty.


The Crow will be watching all of those Converging, using the miracle of Race Drone event tracking technology. The Crow will judge how far the shadows have run, and reward them with the right medal on the line. If you travel from 30 miles away or fewer, we’ll email you a certificate only.

Venture from further away (30 to 60 miles) and claim a Silver Convergence, 60 to 90 miles and you’ll take Gold.  If you come from 90 miles or more away (As the crow flies), then you’ll claim the Black Convergence medal.

There is a little more to tell you.

  • You can Converge only on foot. The Crow knows how fast you travel
  • You can Converge solo for up to 24 hours, either female or male
  • If you are scared of the dark, you can converge for up to 24 hours as a pair
  • You will be given no advice on where to run, or hide
  • You make your own route. Use any means you wish to wayfind
  • You obviously can’t use private land or anything illegal (motorways etc).
  • Your route choice is your own choice and risk.  We recommend strongly that you stay off A-roads, or roads that have no pavement
  • There are no checkpoints. Use your wit and guile to feed yourself.  Call for your mother if you must
  • The World will keep an eye on you from afar using tracking technology

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