It’s not too late to turn back

The 2018 Convergence Point is:

Summer Convergence

Location : The Village of Hope (near Castleton), Peak District

When: starts at Midday on June 9th. 

Interest in the event appears considerable…. Entry numbers have not been increased, but entries will remain open and take 20% extra over-capacity. This is purely to account for withdrawals in the time before the event. There is no wait list once the event fills.

You can enter solo, or you can enter as a pair (if you fear the dark).  If you enter as a pair you must remain together at all times.

  • Individual entries for either 24 hour event cost a mere £36 each (+ £2.70 Eventbrite booking fee)
  • Pair entries are for either 24 hour event cost £72 per pair (+ Eventbrite’s booking fee)
  • You can also order an optional premium tech fabric t-shirt during the order process

Convergence Summer (June 9th 2018) 

Eventbrite - Convergence - Summer



Convergence Autumn (Nov 2018 – Hardcore finish line edition)

Where: Dolgellau (summit of Cadair Idris 893M ,weather permitting – subject to final agreement from National Parks)

On Sale later in 2017 – (Nov 2018 TBC)

What will my coin buy me?

  • Entry into Convergence; an event unlike any other
  • The event is made possible by use of a RaceDrone GPS Tracking device, so the crow can watch.
  • It will be posted to you a few days before the event (hence this event is a couple of £ more expensive that Escape from Meriden). You must post it back after the event via Signed For delivery, at your own cost)
  • Race Number posted to you with the Race Drone tracker
RaceDrone logo II
Event GPS Tracking
  • A reward:
    • Converge from 30-60 miles away, as the crow files, to claim The Silver Convergence
    • Converge from 60-90 miles away, as the crow files, to claim The Gold Convergence
    • Converge from 90+ miles away, as the crow files, to claim The Black Convergence
  • You reward will be hung around your neck at the finish point
  • Trophies for; furthest flight Female, Furthest flight Male, Furthest Flight Pair
  • The Grand old Duke of York Award for “Most elevation gained”


Refund Policy

  • You cannot defer or cancel within the last month.  You can change the name of the participant to someone else if you wish. You can do this yourself on eventbrite
  • If you request a refund with one month or more before the event, it will be less £5
  • Note: we order extras such as tshirts 8 weeks in advance. We can’t refund for those within the last 8 weeks.